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Meaghan Rupprecht


MSc Student

I am a MSc student pursuing a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies-Biology at UNBC. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Eduardo Martins in conjunction with Dr. Leandro Castello (Virginia Tech) to assess the impacts of deforestation and climate change on river-floodplain fisheries and forest biodiversity in the Amazon River Basin. During my undergraduate thesis I realized the importance of data management and bringing vast datasets to life with visualization in GIS software; as a result, I am interested in expanding that passion into larger and more complex systems such as the Amazon River.  In my graduate thesis research, I aim to use GIS methodology and statistical analyses to integrate habitat, fisheries, and hydrology information into a cohesive spatial-temporal product. This project is done in collaboration with researchers in the Sustaining Amazon floodplain Biodiversity and fishERiES under climate change (SABERES) Project, where interdisciplinary research is being conducted to understand the intersections between biodiversity, climate change, and human communities.



2021             Fisheries Technician, National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park 

2020             Fisheries Technician, National Park Service, Grand Teton National Park 

2019             Naturalist, Teton Science Schools, Jackson WY

2018             Native Trout Conservation Intern, AmeriCorps, Yellowstone National Park 

2017-2018    Laboratory Assistant & Honor’s Thesis Candidate, Ecotoxicology Laboratory,

                      Colorado State University

2014-2016    Undergraduate Research Assistant, Crab Lab, Colorado State University


2014-2018    BSc   Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University

                               Honor’s Thesis: “Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Tissue Contaminants in Fish                                                        Along the Ohio River System”

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